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The Consumer Council System of Maine represents fellow consumers with an effective, organized voice in shaping public policy and mental health services.

Statewide Consumer Council (SCC) Election Notice

The Consumer Council System of Maine has openings for
3 At-Large Statewide Consumer Council Representatives...

Elections to be held at regional meetings between September & November 2018. Meeting dates to be announced!

Here is information on how to apply:

Any person who self-identifies as a person with lived mental health experience may run for a seat on the Statewide Consumer Council.

New Issue Statement Concept Draft Released- Feedback Wanted!

CCSM Concept Draft - May 17, 2018

Legal Barriers to Peer Workforce Development

As Maine’s peer workforce continues to grow, there have been identified barriers that prevent qualified people from working in State funded services.

All State contracted providers have boiler plate “Riders” that detail obligations that providers must follow. One that is particularly troublesome for the peer community is in regard to people who might have a criminal/legal history that can prevent them from being hired.

What we do know about peers is that often their lived experience includes some of these issues.


What we hope for is that providers could have the flexibility to look at someone’s history on an individual basis and make hiring determinations based on not only the past, but where the person in their recovery is now.


*Below is a definition of the term “contract rider” and an excerpt from the rider that pertains to this concept draft:


A contract rider is an attachment to a contract. It can be a schedule, an amendment or any other writing that may modify the original contract. Riders allow contract drafters to avoid rewriting an entire contract.

 This is an excerpt from Rider D which is written into every provider of mental health/substance use services contract:

 “… 24) Background Checks. The Provider agrees to conduct background checks on all employees, temporary staff persons, persons contracted or hired, consultants, volunteers, students, and other persons who may provide services under this Agreement. The results of each background check shall be made available to the Program Administrator within five (5) days of completion and prior to the person providing services under this agreement. The cost of performing each background check shall be the responsibility of the Provider. The methods of performing the background checks must first be approved by the Department in writing and will include information from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Sex Offender Registry, and the Maine State Bureau of Investigation.  ... If services to be provided under this agreement are to be performed by a person who is professionally licensed then the background check will include information from the appropriate licensing board or entity regarding the status of the person’s license. The Provider must receive written permission from the Department before making any changes to such methods.

The Provider shall not hire or retain in any capacity any person who may directly provide services to a client under this Agreement if that person has a record of: 

a) any criminal conviction that involves client abuse, neglect or exploitation;

b) any criminal conviction, classified as Class A, B or C or the equivalent of any of these, or any reckless conduct that caused, threatened, solicited or created the substantial risk of bodily injury to another person within the preceding two years; or

c) any criminal conviction resulting from a sexual act, contact, touching or solicitation in connection to any victim.”


The CCSM Issues Statement Committee would like to hear from you. What are your thoughts on helping to find a solution to this issue? Please respond by attending your local meeting and giving solution-oriented feedback, either verbally or in writing.

Written comments can be emailed to:

or sent through the mail to:
Issue Statement Comments
219 Capitol St. Suite #7
Augusta, Maine 04330

Behavioral Healthcare Coalition for Maine Holds Press Conference

The Behavioral Health Coalition for Maine (BHC4Me) held a press conference on April 10, 2018 regarding a package of mental health & substance use bills supported by coalition members that are sitting in Appropriations waiting to be funded!


To view the press conference video click HERE.

Read Press Release: Click HERE

View Mental Health Priorities List: Click HERE

*The mission of the Maine Behavioral Health Coalition is one of advocacy and education, fostering and protecting beneficial policies while opposing harmful ones in the areas of mental health and substance use. The Coalition will work collaboratively with legislators, service providers, consumers, and advocates to increase communication and information sharing in order to have a collective voice in influencing behavioral health policies throughout the state of Maine.

NVC II Training Schedule for May 15-16, 2018

Would you like to enhance your Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Skills? Have you taken NVC- Level 1?

Apply Now for the NVC-Level 2 Training

The CCSM has 13 spots available! But you must apply! Don't delay-fill out your application now!

To download an application, click HERE


This is a collaborative training with Maine Association of Peer Support and Recovery Centers, The Consumer Council System of Maine, and the Peer Support Specialist Network of Maine.

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