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The Consumer Council System of Maine represents fellow consumers with an effective, organized voice in shaping public policy and mental health services.

Intentional Peer Support in Peer Recovery Centers: A Day of Dialogue December 4th - 9am-4:30pm, Augusta Civic Center

Participants, Employees and anyone interested in Peer Recovery Centers are encouraged to attend this day of dialogue to learn together how Intentional Peer Support can be utilized within these programs.

The day will begin with Chris Hansen, Director of Intentional Peer Support.

The program will allow for extended conversations regarding challenges and successes with developing the new programs and how IPS can fit in. Possible conversations include, Boundaries, Confidentiality, Dual Relationships, Personal Wellness, Transitioning to new programming, and much more.

Some of our conversations will be guided by Patricia McKenzie of Kennebec Behavioral Health.

To Register:

For Questions: Kelly.Staples@Maine.Gov or 207-215-5389

This day is provided free by the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services/DHHS. However, lunch and snacks will be on your own. The Civic Center does not allow for outside food to be brought onto the premises.

Feedback Wanted on Latest CCSM Issue Statement Concept Draft!

UPDATE(11/20/17): The CCSM Legislative Subcommittee has finished the first draft of our latest issue statement on the *“Lack of Actionable Response to our Issue Statements from DHHS.”* *We are looking for feedback for the final draft.

To view the draft document, please click HERE

Written comments or questions directly related to this issue statement can be emailed to: OR sent through the mail to:

Issue Statement Comments
219 Capitol St. Suite #7 Augusta, Maine 04330


CCSM Issue Statement Concept Draft:

 “Lack of Actionable Response to our Issue Statements from DHHS.” 

September 2017 

This current Issue Statement goes to the heart of what Issue Statement are supposed to do. The CCSM works hard to research issues and solutions to challenges consumers face in the community every day. The challenge we are now facing is that when DHHS responds it often is a description of what they are already doing to address things or agreeing with us without real engagement with the consumer community to move initiatives forward. Because these are valuable to both the consumer and State, we want to find new ways to use the resource that these Issue Statements are to bring about real action. We also want to look at other ways to get our Issue Statements out to people who can help bring our concerns forward: for example; the Legislature and the Press.

The CCSM Issues Statement Committee would like to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on helping to find a solution to this issue?  Please respond by attending your local meeting and giving solution oriented feedback, either verbally or in writing.  Written comments can also be emailed to:  OR sent through the mail to:


Issue Statement Comments

219 Capitol St.  Suite #7

Augusta, Maine 04330                           


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