ACTION ALERT FROM NCMHR: Tell Your Representative NOT to Co-Sponsor Murphy MH Bill, HR 3717

The National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery has issued the following action alert. We urge all of our members and collaborators to read more about the proposed legislation being talked about and to call your Maine Representatives to urge them NOT to vote on this bill.
Even thought the deadline has passed, you can still contact your representative and give your thoughts and feedback!!!!

Feedback on DHHS Vocational Policy Needed!

DHHS is drafting a new Office Wide Vocational Policy and is seeking feedback.  The policy is fairly general in order to apply to all of the participating DHHS Offices and the different groups of people they serve. Once this DHHS-Wide Policy is approved, each participating office, including OAMHS, will generate "Practice Guidelines" that will describe how they will support the DHHS-Wide Policy. In the future, the CCSM will have opportunities for input on these guidelines. It is in the Practice Guidelines where OAMHS can get much more specific about vocational services for people with mental illness.
The CCSM is collecting consumer input and would appreciate your help! If you would like to provide feedback, please review the Draft Policy and use the attached form to submit your comments.  
The comment form may be sent to us by:  1) Email at;  or 2) Mail to: 55 Middle Street, Suite 2, Augusta, ME. 04330.

The Comment form needs to be completed and returned to us by September 28, 2010.

 Thank you.


To review the Draft Vocational Policy, click here

To obtain the comment form, click here


10th Annual Maine Advocacy Conference


Sponsored by:  Maine Equal Justice Partners (

When:  Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where:  Augusta Civic Center, Augusta

This conference is for people with low income and advocates who work throughout the State of Maine. 

Workshops include: 

  • Food Supplement Benefits
  • Access to Maine's Safety Net for Immigrants
  • Housing and General Assistance
  • MaineCare
  • Walking the Path to Real Reform Together
  • Transitioning from Public Assistance into the Workforce
  • Tax Credits for Individuals and Families with Low Income
  • Health Care Options for the Uninsured

$50 conference fee - includes continental breakfast and lunch (contact us about a low-income waiver)

Space is limited and pre-registration is required.   

Check out our Conference Brochure and Registration Form 

For More Information Contact: 

Crystal Bond

Maine Equal Justice

126 Sewall Street

Augusta, ME 04330

(207) 626-7058, x205 or 

The Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services has received the the final evaluation report completed by IPS Vermont (Intentional Peer Support).

SAMHS is currently weighing the recommendations in the document and will develop formal commitments and a work plan as next steps in the process of expanding and improving Intentional Peer Support Specialist training and certification in Maine.

To view the report, please click HERE

If you have any questions, please contact the CCSM office at 430-8300 or 1-877-207-5073

Commissioner Questions Inclusion of SPMI Population in Managed Care Initiative

DHHS Commissioner Brenda Harvey is leaning towards excluding people with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) from Maine's Managed Care Initiative. This news came as a complete surprise to the CCSM's Executive Director at the Managed Care Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting on Friday, October 15th. Office of MaineCare Director, Tony Marple, confirmed this at the meeting, saying he believed the Commissioner's current thinking centered around issues with the AMHI Consent Decree. After hearing strong concerns raised by consumer representatives and advocates, Tony offered to request a meeting with the Commissioner for consumer leaders and advocates to discuss her pending decision. As of this writing, the meeting has not been announced.

Helen Bailey of the Disability Rights Center (and attorney for the plaintiffs in the AMHI Consent Decree) said in a later conversation that managed care would not interfere with compliance with the Consent Decree Plan. She also said that the Managed Care Initiative's Specialized Services Committee, of which she is a member, raised serious concerns at their meeting on Oct. 12th about excluding people with SPMI .

A decision to "carve out" these people/services from managed care could have serious results. Some issues voiced initially are: 1) reinforces the stigma of setting people apart from 'normal' health care; 2) takes out of the picture the opportunity for alternative services good managed care could offer; 3) removes a ripe opportunity for peer services to be funded and included in a variety of settings; 4) slows down progress toward integrating health care and mental health care.

Please note that if the decision is made to exclude, it does NOT mean people will lose services. MaineCare services for people with SPMI (generally "Section17" services such as case management and medication management, etc.) will continue as they are now.

Please stay tuned for more information on this issue. Please leave feedback here and reach out to Commissioner Brenda Harvey ( and MaineCare Director Tony Marple ( as you see fit. The website address for the Managed Care Initiative:

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