You are Invited to the World Premiere Screening of HEALINGVOICES....

You are Invited to the World Premiere Screening of HEALINGVOICES.... Image You Are Invited to the World Premiere Screening of Healing Voices...

Sponsored by: Consumer Council System of Maine and Disability Rights Maine

Date: May 2, 2016

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Elks Lodge
                 397 Civic Center Drive
                 Augusta, ME

This event is FREE to the Public! 
Refreshements will be availabe

For more information, contact the CCSM office at 430-8300 or Toll-Free: 1-877-207-5073

HEALING VOICES is a new social action documentary which will be released via grass roots, non-theatrical premiere events around the world on and around April 29, 2016. Written and Directed by PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, HEALING VOICES explores the experience commonly labeled as ‘psychosis’ through the stories of real-life individuals, and asks the question:  What are we talking about when we talk about ‘mental illness’? The film follows three subjects – Oryx, Jen, Dan – over nearly five years, and features interviews with notable international experts including:  Robert Whitaker, Dr. Bruce Levine, Celia Brown, Will Hall, Dr. Marius Romme, and others, on the history of psychiatry and the rise of the ‘medical model’ of mental illness.  Community screening partners will host HEALING VOICES premiere events in their local markets, which will be followed by audience discussion around dialogue topics relating to the content of the film. The documentary is ideal for individuals with lived experience in the mental health system, educators, peer counselors, advocates, researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, healthcare workers, first responders, family members, or anyone who has been touched by mental health issues in their life. 
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