URGENT- Peer Support Specialists & Program Supervisors/Managers Needed for CIPSS Evaluation

An evaluation of the CIPSS Program by Intentional Peer Support LLC will
take place on the week of June 29th. The Office of Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services (SAMHS) will use the findings of the evaluation to
inform improvements in program quality and expand training and
certification capacity. The evaluators are the developers of the
Intentional Peer Support (IPS) curriculum and as such have been contracted
by SAMHS to ensure that based on findings that any proposed changes would
be made in adherence to the values and integrity this training modality.

* There is still a need for Certified Intentional Peer Support
Specialists to take part in a one of two focus groups both scheduled
for **TuesdayJune 30, 2015. (1.) 9:00 am-10:30 am or (2.) 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm
located at DHHS
Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, 41 Anthony Ave Augusta ME04330. Remember
that preference will be given to participants who have completed a Fidelity Review. Mileage
reimbursement will be provided and a $25 stipend. If you are interested in participating, please submit the application form directly to Matt Wells via email, fax or mail.* (Contact information is on the application form)

* They are also still looking for interested Program Supervisors/
Managers of staff who require CIPSS training and certification for their
positions. Evaluators will conduct phone interviews with 6-8 Supervisors
throughout the State of Maine working in distinct programs and agencies.
Interviews will be conducted with Supervisors who have CIPSS Training and
those who do not. Please note the phone interviews will not be scheduled to
take place on 6/30. Supervisors who are interested in participating in an
evaluation phone interview please contact me directly at
matthew.e.wells@maine.gov<mailto:matthew.e.wells@maine.gov> or(207) 287-4272

*Please contact Matt directly with any concerns or questions about any
aspect of the CIPSS Program Evaluation*

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