CCSM Seeks Input/Feedback on Two New Issue Statements- Medication Management & Lack of Equal Access to Services in Maine!

The CCSM is currently working on two new issues statements

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We are looking for your input!  If you have any thoughts or solutions for either issue, please send your feedback to: Vickie McCarty, CCSM Systems Specialist at or you can contact her at 687-6033


CCSM Concept Draft for Medication Management

Medication Management is the term used for the service that MaineCare members use to get psychiatric services for the purposes of medications. This would include a psychiatrist, a psychiatric physician’s assistant, or a psychiatric nurse practitioner who prescribes your mental health medications. There is a different process if you get these types of medications through your primary care office.

The State is proposing a drastic rate decrease for which they pay for these services. Actually in some cases it would be a 56% decrease.  We have not heard of one provider that would keep this service in place if this happened.  The Legislature during the last days of session this spring stopped that from happening while they were not in session.  This will be revisited at the beginning of 2017, when the new legislature is seated.

While DHHS and providers may fight over how much to pay providers, we, the consumer community in Maine stands to lose if this comes to pass.

We also have a shortage of prescribers in Maine and this would drastically increase.

What are your thoughts and solutions for this important issue?


Concept Draft for Lack of Equal Access to Services Throughout Maine

While this is not a new issue, it continues to be one that many consumers in Maine have to struggle with.  The mental health system in Maine includes, doctors, therapists, case managers, behavioral health homes, in home support, etc.  Depending on where you live, you may not have access to these services.  Many people have to face a choice:

·         Do I not have services to be able to stay in my community?

·         Do I move to a part of Maine that has more providers to get my MH needs met?

·         Do I have no choices due to lack of providers in my area?

·         Do I have no resources to make choices or changes? This often is about transportation.

People should be able to access the services they need no matter where they live in Maine.

What are your thoughts and solutions to this important issue for consumers in Maine?

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