CCSM Nominees Appointed to Review Board

The CCSM’s two nominees for Maine’s new Mental Health Homicide, Suicide, and Aggravated Assault Review Board (MHHSAARB) were successfully appointed by the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions! Holly Dixon and Simonne Maline will fill two of the three seats reserved for nominees of statewide organizations that advocate for the rights of persons with serious and persistent mental illness. Both Holly and Simonne bring experience and expertise to the sensitive and difficult work of this high level board. Holly serves as an elected representative to the Statewide Consumer Council (SCC) and directs the Peer Services program at Riverview Psychiatric Center. Simonne also serves on the SCC, holding the office of vice-chair, and directs Sweetser’s Learning and Recovery Center in Brunswick. Congratulations to Holly and Simonne and celebrations all around for consumers having voices in high places!

Other MHHSAARB nominees are unknown to us at this time, but categories include criminal defense attorney, psychiatrists, law enforcement, commissioners, judge or justice, prosecutor, assistant attorney general, mental health service provider, and victim-witness advocate. The MHHSAARB exists under Title 34-B Section 1931 of Maine Statute and shall review homicides, suicides and aggravated assaults involving a person with severe and persistent mental illness. The board will make recommendations to address prevention of such incidents and will submit reports to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Health and Human Services.

Is this a good day or what?!

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