Feedback on DHHS Vocational Policy Needed!

DHHS is drafting a new Office Wide Vocational Policy and is seeking feedback.  The policy is fairly general in order to apply to all of the participating DHHS Offices and the different groups of people they serve. Once this DHHS-Wide Policy is approved, each participating office, including OAMHS, will generate “Practice Guidelines” that will describe how they will support the DHHS-Wide Policy. In the future, the CCSM will have opportunities for input on these guidelines. It is in the Practice Guidelines where OAMHS can get much more specific about vocational services for people with mental illness.
The CCSM is collecting consumer input and would appreciate your help! If you would like to provide feedback, please review the Draft Policy and use the attached form to submit your comments.  
The comment form may be sent to us by:  1) Email at [email protected];  or 2) Mail to: 55 Middle Street, Suite 2, Augusta, ME. 04330.

The Comment form needs to be completed and returned to us by September 28, 2010.

 Thank you.


To review the Draft Vocational Policy, click here

To obtain the comment form, click here