…… a joint project of the Consumer Council System of Maine and the DHHS Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
The MAINE CAN WORK booklet is a creative yet practical tool that can be used to facilitate discussions about work. While it was written as a tool for peer-to-peer support regarding reaching your employment goals, a peer could also use the tool for self-reflection or for discussions with friends, family members, case managers and others. As they say, “There is no wrong way to begin your journey toward employment!”

The guide contains several true succes stories about people in Maine who started their journey to employment expressing concerns and questions many of us have: “People have told me I can’t work, and I don’t think I can”; “I don’t want to work because I don’t want to lose my benefits”; If I decide to work, I don’t know what kind of work I would do”; I can get jobs just fine, but I have a hard time keeping them.” The guide also provides information regarding the concerns, possible discussion topics and resources to find additional information.
In the near future, The Consumer Council System of Maine plans to pilot this tool with a group of interested peers. The purpose of the pilot will be to test out the tool and come up with a plan for gradually introducing it to recovery centers and peer centers across Maine. Please check back often for more information about participating in this pilot!
To download the MAINE CAN WORK booklet, please click HERE