Action Alert!

Section 17 Rule Change Public Hearing
Friday, April 1 2016 at 1:00 PM Cross Building, Room 209

We need a LARGE number of people to testify or to be in attendance to show the Health & Human Services Committee that we oppose these changes!

MANY people are needed! Come and tell Legislators how this rule change will affect you!!!!Please contact us if If you plan to be there! Let us know if you want to testify or need help writing testimony!

CCSM office: 430-8300
Toll Free: 1-877-207-5073


Recently, Maine DHHS sent out a letter to MaineCare Members about a change to eligibility criteria for Section 17- Community Support Services. Many of our peers have received these letters and are at possible risk of their services being terminated!!!

The change will mean that anyone with a mental health diagnosis other than schizophrenia will need to go through a more stringent approval process to receive Section 17 Services and will need to get prior approval for MaineCare to pay for the service. This could mean that not everyone receiving Section 17 services will continue to receive them. DHHS expects the implementation of this rule will likely eliminate 8,000 people from such services. Anyone found not eligible would be moved to a lower tier of services, such as Behavioral Health Home Services (BHH) and there is currently only 29 agencies that offer this service for the entire state.

The CCSM is concerned because these changes were done in a hurry, not in a thoughtful manner and WITHOUT CONSUMER INPUT! On top of this fact, many of our peers will find it difficult to participate in the other services they are eligible for mostly due to transportation issues.

Please share this alert with others!!