Feedback Wanted on Latest CCSM Issue Statement Concept Draft- Rights of Recipients Handbook

CCSM Issue Statement Concept Draft:

Rights of Recipients Handbook

February 2018


 The Rights of Recipients Handbook is a document that is no longer relevant or effective. It has not been updated for possibly a decade and a half.

A revision was worked on a decade ago but was never completed and released. A major revision is long overdue. We are asking the State to bring together a stakeholder group of State staff, consumers and legal advocates to finally revise this much needed document to really help the peers that need to access this resource.


 The CCSM Issues Statement Committee would like to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on helping to find a solution to this issue? 


Deadline to submit comments: March 13, 2018


Please respond by attending your local meeting and giving solution-oriented feedback, either verbally or in writing. Written comments can also be emailed to: [email protected] OR sent through the mail to:

Issue Statement Comments
219 Capitol Street, Suite 7
Augusta, ME 04330