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SCC Elects New Officers at Annual Meeting

The Statewide Consumer Council held its annual meeting on January 15, 2010, from 10 am to 4 pm at the CCSM Office in Augusta. A regular business meeting was conducted, and members received reports and updates on CCSM committees, meetings, and activities over the past month.

The SCC conducted its annual election of new officers, also referred to as the “Coordinating Committee.” The results of the election are as follows:

  1. Chair Person: Karen Evans
  2. Vice Chair: Simmone Maline
  3. Secretary: Paula Gustafson
  4. Treasurer: W.C. Martin

The group also reviewed and celebrated accomplishments the past year, listed in no particular order:

  1. Got committees organized to address needs
  2. Created mission statement & value statements
  3. Having a legislative presence
  4. Obtained office space
  5. Organizing the organization (internal processes)
  6. Attended LD 1360 stakeholders meetings
  7. Created and approved personnel policies/ Employee Handbook
  8. Made progress on unity & collaboration
  9. Portland Local Council has been recognized for over one year
  10. Personal growth of members
  11. Unity/Collaboration with AIN
  12. AIN/CCSM communication meeting (creating database for contacts)
  13. Progress toward getting more local councils recognized
  14. Collaboration on Developmental Disabilites Taskforce
  15. AIN/CCSM conference
  16. Impact on many groups, committees & grants
  17. Celebrated accomplishments
  18. Positive impact with issue statements
  19. Attendance at the Alternatives Conference in Omaha, Nebraska
  20. Made national connections
  21. CCSM is being sought out for feedback & participation
  22. Helped with the consumer-wide effort: “Take Our Pennies, Not Our Services” campaign during budget hearing. Also had a presence at rallies and participated in a press conference.
  23. Held regional meetings

New Region III SCC representative, John Hiatt, attended his first post-election SCC meeting by teleconference.

The group voted to move the day and location of the SCC monthly meetings to the 4th Friday of the month at the CCSM Offices, 55 Middle Street, Suite 2, Augusta.

After the meeting, members enjoyed both a catered dinner and entertainment provided by members and staff.

The next SCC meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2010, from 10 am to 4 pm. Guests are welcome to attend. If the purpose of a guest’s attendance is focused on a particular issue, the guest is asked to inform an Outreach Coordinator in advance. Time for guest comments is provided near the end of the day’s agenda.


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