INDIVIDUALS NEEDED TO TESTIFY ON LD 1889- An Act To Increase Safety for Maine Citizens by Amending the Definition of “Likelihood of Serious Harm” in the Laws Governing Mental Health and Hospitalization To Include Consideration of a Person’s Potential for Future Serious Harm
WHEN:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018

TIME:  1:30 PM

LOCATION: StateHouse, Room 438
                Judiciary Committee


Your Voice Needs To Be Heard!!


Do you think that it should be allowed that anyone could be put in a psychiatric hospital based on a likelihood in the FUTURE you might cause risk or harm? A bill at the Maine Legislature was just announced and will be heard tomorrow to talk about this very thing. It makes it much easier for anyone to be forced into a psychiatric hospital whether they agree or need it. Please share this and help us defeat LD 1889 at the Legislature tomorrow! 


The easiest way to help folks think about writing testimony for this bill is to explain what could happen. This bill would widen the doors for someone to put you in a psychiatric hospital against your will. So, as it is now if some clinical person wants to put you in involuntarily they have to meet criteria about serious risk to sell or others. This bill would say that maybe in the future you might pose a risk, thus we think it is wise to put in the hospital now. This is really bad policy and not one you would do in the last few seconds of the legislative season without much or any notice and would have HUGE impacts on the entire peer community. The folks from TAC (Treatment Advocacy Center) and remember DJ Jaffee asked Rep Malaby to put this bill in. This also includes family members and professionals who think more people should be hospitalized even against their will!!! I know this is almost no notice but please come if you can!

If you have any questions, contact the CCSM office at 207-430-8300 or 1-877-207-5073

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Behavioral Health Homes Survey- Your Input is Needed!

Consumer Council System of Maine and NAMI Maine are working in partnership with Maine Quality Counts to help Mainers understand Behavioral Health Homes.  As a provider of technical assistance, NAMI Maine and the Consumer Council System of Maine are looking to see what parents raising children with serious emotional disturbances and adults with a diagnosed mental illness think about Behavioral Health Homes.  Behavioral Health Homes are an effort to integrate physical and mental health care for people with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance. The hope is that Behavioral Health Homes will lead to more holistic care and better health and mental health outcomes. The work is supported by State Innovation Model funding through the DHHS Office of MaineCare Services.


Part of how individuals and parents will be able have their questions or concerns addressed is to attend a BHH Education Forum. There are nine forums scheduled around the state that individuals can register to attend by visiting NAMI Maine’s website or contacting Courtney at 207.622.5767.


As we prepared the program for these forums it is critical that we have a clear understanding about how families and individuals feel about behavioral health homes and what they think about this new service delivery model.  We have developed a basic and very quick survey.  We are asking individuals who have a mental health diagnosis or parent raising children with serious emotional disturbances to complete this short opinions survey.  Please help us gather many different perspectives by sharing this the link to the survey with as many people as possible. You may also print the survey and return to it to NAMI Maine if that is easier.

Here is the link to the online survey:

Survey Deadline: December 28, 2014

We look forward to hearing from you!

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