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Your Input is Needed- Issue Statement on Wait Lists for Community Integration/Case Management

The CCSM is currently working to address concerns we have heard from our peers about having to wait to get into community integration/case management services they are eligible for. Below is a summary of this project and questions we need answered in order to formulate our issue statement. You can send your thoughts to: [email protected] or call the CCSM office at
430-8300 or 1-877-207-5073!

A number of fellow peers in Maine are having to wait to get into case management services at some provider agencies.  If an agency has a waitlist, many do not tell you there are other agencies that have openings. 

We know this based on a real time report that the State pays an outside company to complete. This report can be viewed online at:

As of today, there are 198 people with MaineCare waiting for a case manager. The average waiting period went from 5 days up to 53 days. The longest time someone has been waiting to receive services has been a total of 82 days. 

The numbers for those without MaineCare (which the State pays for with grant funds) and who are still on waitlists are much higher than those with MaineCare.

We find this unacceptable to the peers in Maine who are eligible for this critical service and should have access to an array of providers. There is a major problem within the system because there are still too many people that are not getting needed case management services they are eligible for in a timely manner.

We need your help! Can you tell us:

·        What are you seeing in your community?

·        Have your experienced a wait to get case management?

·        Do you know of others who are having the same issue?

One of our suggestions is that the State requires people to be seen by a provider within 7 days of requesting service. 

What are your ideas?

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Important Announcement about MaineCare Waiver Services!

Information being passed on from the Disability Rights Center in Maine:

Thousands of individuals with disabilities receive home and community support services through one of Maine’s Home & Community Based Services waivers.  Recently, the Federal Medicaid agency made new rules about how services are delivered to people with disabilities in the community.  These new rules require that DHHS create a plan that will make big changes to how services are provided in Maine.  This plan is called the transition plan and on Monday, December 15, 2014 you will be able to read the plan that could impact YOUR services. 

 Download your copy of the plan here:

 YOU have a chance to tell DHHS thoughts about how community integration is important and also where it is or is not happening.  This plan may change the way you receive services and your feedback is important because Maine cannot write a good plan without your help!  DHHS has to submit this plan to the Federal Medicaid agency by March 17, 2015.  Time will soon run out, so don’t miss your opportunity to be heard!

 DHHS will also be holding a public forum to provide more information about the transition plan and answer any questions you may have.  This is a great opportunity to learn about changes that could affect YOU!  

When: Friday, December 19, 2014, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Where: Five video conferencing locations at University of Maine campuses:

§  University of Maine at Augusta

o   Katz Library, Rm 5 – 20 Jewett Dr, Augusta

§  University of Maine at Presque Isle

o   Pullen Hall, Rm 115 – 181 Main St, Presque Isle

§  University of Southern Maine

o   Wishcamper Center, Rm 133 – 88 Bedford St, Portland

§  University of Maine at Orono

o   126 Barrows Hall – intersection of Long and Flagstaff, Orono

§  University of Maine at Ft Kent

o   Cyr Hall, Grindle Conference Rm – 23 University Dr, Ft Kent

 If you need accommodations in order to participate in the forum, please contact Deb Caron at 207.287.4242 before December 17, 2014.


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